The Chemo box

Bring true hope to those facing cancer

Provide encouragement

Give practical gifts

Provide hope in dark moments

This is probably the most thoughtful gift that I have ever received! Starting in August I’ll go 4 rounds with the ‘Red Devil’, then 12 more on a more mild cocktail. My port goes in next week. This is all new to me, yet the pressing into Jesus has been so sweet and soothing. I will use every one of the items in this box. 😊


My cousin Michael received his chemo box today! SO FAST!! He was amazed and immensely grateful, and his brother and mom both texted me as well telling me how incredibly thoughtful all the items are. Thank you so much for doing this; what a loving ministry! I hope to meet you sometime!


When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, the world just seems to stop.

When you know someone with cancer, you don’t always know what to say or do. It’s hard to find the right words and even harder to find a way to help.

There are so many ways that we can help our friends and family members battling cancer, but it can be difficult knowing how best to support them in their fight against this terrible disease.

The chemo Box offers practical supplies, goodies, encouragement, and best of all… hope!

With each box comes an uplifting card containing tips and advice for dealing with chemotherapy, encouragement from Scripture, practical supplies and goodies, and more so the person you love knows they’re not battling this alone. 

Giving true hope to someone with cancer is simple


You can send hope to those facing cancer around the US. Simply click the donate button below and type in the amount you'd like to give.

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What's in each box?

Practical and helpful gifts

Helpful products and candies to help with nausea, candles, essential oils, water bottle, liquid IV, mug, tea, etc.

Tips and tricks List

We include our most helpful tips to help with the every day side effects of medications, symptoms, and doctor visits.

Personalized Spiritual encouragement

Books and personalized scripture cards to remind them of the hope they have in Christ.

Prayed over blanket

Each box includes a knitted blanket that our team personally prays over.

The Women's Box

The Men's Box

The Kids' Box

What a terrific surprise!! A Chemo box from my dear friend arrived on one of my “tough” days following treatment. It was such a day-brightener. There can’t be anything missing from the box – it is complete and so well though thru what might be needed. You did not miss anything!! ​


Thank you so very much for the Chemo Box. All the information is so helpful and every item in the box is useful right now for Bill. We especially love the book “Suffering” and the comforting quotes and scriptures. We can feel the compassion and prayerfulness and it’s appreciated! Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you!